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Our Story

As a mum of three young ones, I often wonder what will be the state of the earth we are leaving behind for our future generations. Climate change is real. There is no doubt that the Earth is in a dire state now. Will the future generations inherit a battered and bruised earth that is a result of our neglect and misuse, or a thriving and robust earth, which has been intentionally restored to its past beauty and glory, just as how the earth was created to be?

My eyes were slowly opened to how much single-use plastics we are using in an already (or so, I thought) environmentally-conscious household. In my attempt to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly home, I started to search for sustainable products that will help to reduce wastage in our everyday lives. Yet, aesthetics was a factor sorely missing in the products I found.

 Hence, Little Eco Joys was founded with the aim to curate and create stylish sustainable products for like-minded Earth lovers. Our goal is to reduce the usage of disposables in our everyday living, to advocate and to make accessible reusable alternatives. We believe that living a sustainable lifestyle can be affordable and easily attainable. When we do good, we can definitely look and feel good while doing so.

 It is our belief that whatever little effort we make count towards restoring the Earth into a better place for our future generations to live in. All it takes is little mindful steps on our part. Let’s do our part to be intentionally sustainable, to give our generations a restored home.


Jing En, 
Founder of Little Eco Joys