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Facial Bar - Organic Spice (Anti-Ageing)

Facial Bar - Organic Spice (Anti-Ageing)

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Handcrafted and locally formulated,  these facial bars are made by harnessing the powers of superfoods and the finest botanicals. 100% plant-based, free from chemicals, artificial colours, parabens, and synthetics. These beautifully (and naturally) scented facial bars are a must-have addition in your eco journey towards a low-waste lifestyle.

Organic Spice Facial Bar

Rejuvenate your skin with this woody + spicy bar containing Cinnamon, Sacred Basil and Patchouli. Formulated for all skin types, this facial bar will wake up tired skin and lighten skin pigmentation over time. Its invigorating aroma never fails to refresh and awaken the senses! 


  • Nourishing cleanser
  • Rich in anti-ageing plant extracts
  • Lightens dark spots and acne scars
  • Treats skin imperfections

Key Ingredients

  • Manjishta Extract - This is a popular flowering plant used in Ayurvedic Medicine to improve complexion and accelerate skin healing. It originates from the coffee family!
  • Holy Basil  - Also known as Tulsi, these leaves are regarded worldwide as adaptogens which strengthen the human body's natural ability to adapt to stress. This is also effective as a natural remedy to combat skin imperfections and reduce inflammation.  
  • Geranium Blossoms - We love this flower for so many reasons! It smells great for one, plus it is non-sensitizing nor irritating for most skin types. It is actually one of the best oils for promoting radiant skin and healing skin imperfections such as eczema, acne or wrinkles. It is also an adaptogen. 
  • Tamala Cinnamon A medicinal leaf that is widely used to reduce fungal infections and reduce redness. 

For all skin types. 

Each bar is equivalent to 2 tubes of facial wash.